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Adding New Pages

This How-to applies to: 2.1

learn how to add a new webpage

Adding a Folder and a Page

You may be wondering how you can create your own page from scratch.  Navigate to the root your site by clicking on your logo or Home link and view the Contents. You're now looking at the Table of Contents for your site. Now follow the steps below to create your own folder and page:

  1. Click on Add Item in the task bar. You'll see a drop down menu appear, then choose Folder from the list.
  2. Give your folder a Title and a Description. Push Save to continue.
    • When you create a new folder, Plone takes you inside the folder to give a chance to add items to it. Just keep in mind that you are no longer on the root of your site, if you want to add another folder.
  3. Now click on Add Item once more, and choose Page from the list.
  4. You now have a blank page to work with. Give it a Title and Description as outlined in Editing an Existing Page. Now you can add some content. Be sure to push Save when you're done.

    Note: If you just want to create a placeholder page, and add content later you must still put something in the "Body text" field and save in order to complete the creation of the page.  The "Body text" field is required, as connoted by the red square following the field label.
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