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Creating a Bookmark, or Anchor Link

This How-to applies to: 2.1

Find out how to link down to a specific part of a page, using a little HTML

Have you ever seen a website that has a group of links at the top of the page, such as a table of contents or alphabet and when you click on one of those links, you're taken somewhere further down the page? Here's an example of what I'm talking about: Click on Lizards, Goats or Gorillas. Now follow these instructions to start making your own bookmark anchors.

  1. Start by creating your page of content like you normally would. You don't generally need to use bookmarks on a page that is short, so make sure you using them where it makes the most sense.
  2. Let's assume you've put some titles at the top of your page, like Lizards, Goats, and Gorillas because you want to educate the public about various animals. Then, further down the page, you've provided some information about those three animals. We'll call this a Definition. Save your work at this point.
  3. Now go back into Edit, and push the Edit HTML Code icon in the task bar. You must now find the text that makes up the Definition for the first animal, the Lizard. You'll probably see a <p> or maybe <br> just before the start of your Definition. Here's where you must give your anchor a name, that is, an identifier that the link you're going to make will find. Since this is HTML you must format your choice like this: <a name="lizards"></a> where "lizards" could be any name you think is appropriate.
  4. Now switch back from Edit Html to the normal text edit view and find the title for Lizard, at the top of the page. Highlight the text and push the Internal Link icon. Select the page you're working on as the target.
  5. Switch back over to Edit HTML Code and find some code that looks like this: <a title="something" href="name-of-current-page" target="_self">Lizards</a>
  6. At the end of the name-of-current-page and just before the second quotation mark, add #lizards. What you've done now is provided instructions for your web browser to go to a certain web page, and then look for the identifier #lizards.
  7. Repeat the above process for all bookmark anchors you want to create.
  8. For additional help in understanding anchors, visit this interactive tutorial from the World Wide Web Consortium.


A type of reptile that dates back to the days of the dinosaurs!

Like all reptiles, lizards just love sunshine and a warm rock to lay on.



A common barnyard or herd animal. They look kinda creepy,

but they are the primary source of Chèvre cheese.



Often mistakenly called monkeys, a gorilla is in fact classified as a

great ape. Cute and playful but also can be very dangerous, not

unlike their Homo Sapien cousins.


It even works going the other way! Let's go back to the top.

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