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Creating a Simple Photo Gallery

This How-to applies to: 2.1, 2.5

This how-to will show you a very simple way to create a photo gallery of your images. You can create multiple galleries to show off all of your great photography!

Create a Folder

The first step is to create a folder where you're going to place all the images for your photo gallery. In this example, we're going to create a folder called Images, but you can use any name you wish. We can then link to this folder, or make it part of the site navigation by publishing it.

Moving Photos into the Folder

Next, you will want to start populating the folder with images that are going to be part of your photo gallery. If there are images in another part of your site, you can copy and paste those images. However, you will probably have images on your computer that you wish to add to the photo gallery as well.

If you need to review uploading images, please read Adding New Images and Files from the Quick Start Tutorial.

The Standard Folder View

After you've added all your images to your photo gallery folder, notice how the folder is displaying its contents. You should see a simple listing like this (click to enlarge)


Change the Folder Display to Thumbnail View

The final step in creating your photo gallery is the change Display setting for your photo gallery folder. Click on the Display Tab found in the green toolbar to get this drop down menu:


Select Thumbnail View and you should now see all your images display this way (click to enlarge)


That's basically it! All your images are scaled down automatically to a thumbnail size and can be click on to see the full-size version. It's a simple, but effective way of creating a photo gallery on a Plone-powered website.

For complete information about the different settings found in the Display Tab, read Using the Display Tab

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