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Creating An Event

This How-to applies to: Any version.

This explains how to add a new event to your Plone site.

Let's say there is an event coming up that you'd love to tell the world about, or maybe attendance is required and people need details about it.  Creating an event in Plone is easy.

When you're logged in, select "event" from the "add to folder" drop down menu on the green content action bar in the content column. Make sure that you are in the folder where you're going to keep your events. This will probably just be a folder called Events.


You're presented with a form where you fill in all the information about that event.  Most fields are not required, but add as much info about the event as you desire.  Of course, only the fields with the red squares are required.



After you've saved the event, the event is displayed.  From here, on the content bar's "state" drop down menu, change this event to "publish" so that it will appear in the site.


You will also likely want to tell it when to expire, or not be displayed in the site, and possibly when it should start being displayed.  Just go to the event's Properties tab, and select the date you want the event to be effective (by default the date you added it) and the date you want it to expire (by default blank). 


If you want the event to start being displayed from a particular date, put that date and time in the Effective Date fields.  To have it not display after a particular date, such as after the event has occurred, select that date and time in the Expiration Date fields.

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