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How to Resize Images

This How-to applies to: 2.5

Some versions of Plone come with an image resize function accessible when you insert an image on a page. Learn how to use this simple, but powerful feature.

Resizing images starts with the Insert Image insert-image-14 function while editing a page. Go ahead and pick an image that you wish to insert like you normally would. Notice that there is a Size drop-down menu on the right hand side of the Insert Image screen:


Images can only be sized down. You cannot choose a size larger than the image that you started with. The image used in the above example is 1024x768 pixels. This is way too big to display on a page, but maybe I want to insert a thumbnail and link it to the original image so that a site visitor can view the full sized image if they want to.

Your choices of sizes are somewhat limited, but you get a fairly good range to pick from (all sizes are in pixels):

Click on each size above to see an example

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