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Using the Display Tab

This How-to applies to: Any version.

Learn all about the different folder views, and how to choose a default page for a folder.

Consider a website that has a folder called "projects". What happens when someone goes to the link ""?

In this example, the link refers to a folder, not a normal "page".  But Plone always displays something.  How does it determine what to display?

The Display Tab

You can alter the way in which folders display content using the Display Tab, located in the green taskbar. Note that only folders have a display tab, so be sure you are looking at a folder for this exercise.

When you start with an empty folder and then add pages, images, files or other content, Plone will display those items by default in the Standard View. The standard view simply lists the title and description of each content item in a vertical listing.

Standard View

This is the default view set by Plone when you create a new folder.


Plone provides several views in addtion to 'standard view'.  See the examples below for and a brief explanation of each.

Summary view

Provides 'Read More' link to the content item contained in the folder. This can be useful for folder containing many articles that you want your users to be able to browse through.


Tabular view

For this option, Plone will display content items in a table. This can be useful for folders containing a large amount of Word, Excel or PDF files for download.


Photo Album View

As the name implies, this view is for images. It is a simple 'out-of-the-box' method for having a photo album on your website.


Choose content item as default view

This is the last option, although perhaps the most useful, is the Content Item as Default View option.  This option allows you to select a content item of your choice as the default folder view, instead of using one of the above generated views, which list all content items in a given folder.

The secret to making this "landing page" (or if you like, "default page" or "home page") for a folder is simple.  Using the Display Tab you can choose any content item as the default view.  Typically, this will be a page.

We encourage you to create a landing page for most folder in your site that people will visit.  It makes for a more engaging website.  Remember, you're constantly fighting for your reader's attention, and you want to do everything possible to encourage them to read all the important things you have to say.

A final thought

Please keep in mind if you use Standard, Tabular, Summary or Photo Album folder views that they list all of the contents of the folder -- not just the published ones.  So if a folder contains any images, PDF files, or other documents that you want to remain visible but not "published", you should create a landing page for it instead of using the folder listing.

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